We are excited to for our 3rd annual Bar Ruck.  This event has evolved from a few friends going for out for a quick ruck for a beer to a legit organized charity fundraiser.  


What is a Bar Ruck?  It's similar to a pub crawl but with a small twist. Think of running a 5k but stopping every 1/2 to have a drink , oh and there's no running.  

When and Where?    April 21st at 11am ,Starting at Fassler Hall

How long is it?  The route is 3.1 miles and on average takes 3 hours, however there is no required finish time. 


What is a Ruck?  A ruck is a term for walking with a pack. The term is near and dear to the military as a integral part of training and pt. 

Do you have to ruck? and how much weight? No, in the past Bar Rucks the majority of people have had just walked the route. If you wish to add a little fitness to the event you can. I would suggest 20-50lbs depending on the individual.


Is there a Theme/Costume? In the past years we have represented the military with flags/camoflouge prints. This year we want to make a big statement of who we are representing.  We encourage red,white ,and blue: think of captain america meets Apolla creed on 4th of july. 

How does it work?  Step 1. Sign up with a donation to Warriors for Freedom (link below). Step 2. Follow the team at your own pace and take as much time as you wish at each spot. Some locations will have drink specials for us but otherwise you can purchase any type of drink or you can opt out and just hang out with some cool people. 


1st 100 signups

Will REcieve a free beer courtesy os Private Jets inc

Sign up below


Online registration  (25$) will close friday the 20th at noon, walk up registration is $35


online registration is closed!!!! see you TOMORROW 

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.23.49 AM.png

The Route

1. Fassler hall

2. Louie's midtown

3.Oklahoma city national memorial

4. Besos mezcal 

5. wAters edge winery

6. Twisted spike brewery

7. return to Fassler Hall 


4 Star Brigadier General sponsors

Private Jets Inc is proud to support Warriors for Freedom with a generous donation to the first 100 sign ups.  if you are 1 of the first 100 you will receive a free beer at your arrival at Bleu Garten. 

Visit them here www.privatejetsinc.com

Alysia cook Realtor and Oasis Fine Homes


Alysia Cook-Realtor, EXP Realty

3 Star Major General Sponsors

Foodie Foot Tours is proud to donate the first 25 signups with a free event Shirt



2 Star Lieutenant General sponsors

Earth Works Designs



Koda Crossfit


1 Star General sponsors

Dani G Photography



Are you interested in sponsoring? We have several levels of sponsorship from Volunteering to product donation to monetary donations for locations or drinks.  Send us a message so we can talk about the options. 

4 star sponsors - $500

3 star sponsors- $300

2 star sponsors- $150

! star sponsors- Volunteer hours 

Prevail is proud to support Warriors For Freedom

100% af all donations will go towards warriors for freedom 

learn more about them by clicking on the image