21 Day Level up Challenge


If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight, lost weight and gained it back, or you are sick and tired of going up a clothing size each season and not feeling comfortable in your own skin, this is for you! If you have ever wondered how and What exercises to do for your goals, This is for you!

Welcome to my 21 Day level up Challenge!  This program has helped hundreds of people to lose thousands of pounds over the past 5 years, Learn proper strength training and I’m so excited for you to start the journey with us!

What do I get with the program?

  • Full detailed flexible meal plan packed with awesome recipes you’ll want to make over and over again

  • 14 workouts you can do entirely at home

  • Access to the special challenger Facebook group for additional support

  • The knowledge and tools you need to lose all the weight you want and keep it off forever!

  • group presentation and faq

  • Access to our Workout app

  • 2 personal training sessions ( in house prior to starting group)

  • online workout Video library

  • Expert coaches

What’s in it for me?

Aside from losing an average of 8-12 pounds if you stick with the plan for 21 day as well as Learning and becoming confident with exerices, I’m offering a special incentive! I am a full believer in getting friends, family, and co-workers involved in your success. People who have more accountability are just more successful – it’s a fact!

That’s why I’m offering half off your program for each friend you get to sign up and join you. So if you refer two friends who sign up, your 21 Day Level up Challenge is FREE!  And if you refer more than two people, I’ll pay you! 

When does it start?

As soon as you register and pay here, I will send you all of your materials may 3rd !  Day 1 will begin for you on the very next Monday .

As I said, I’ve run this program with hundreds of people, and I’ve never seen one person who has followed through not get results. I’m so excited to watch you transform!

How much does it cost?


Kevin W. 33yrs old full time business manager and dad

You get everything listed above (and a leaner and stronger body in the end) for just $199 in studio and $149 online ! And don’t forget, refer a friend and get 50% off; refer 2 friends to join us and your challenge is FREE! *current members will be $97

Click here to grab your spot in the challenge!

(Don’t worry, if you refer friends after you pay, I’ll simply refund part or all of your payment!)

If you’ve failed to lose the weight or keep it off in the past, most likely the issue was lack of coaching and accountability.  Coaching changes lives and accountability keeps you on track – we’ve got both for you for the full 21 days (and beyond!).

I know you are questioning whether or not now is the time you can be successful.  You want to lose the weight, but you’re afraid of giving up, of falling off the wagon, of starting over again…

I promise you are in the right place.  I am here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

This program has 2 options 1. In house 2. online

In house will include a group presentation on sunday the 5th that will present the 21 day challenge as well as the 1st part of our signature powerpack series.

as a group we will learn the basics of prevail warmups, kettlebell technique and the how to’s of our exercise program. then each individual will Receive 2 personal training sessions to Help gain your workout confidence before starting with our awesome chill group of strong friends,

The online version will receive the same content as well as 2 options for our online app. you can follow along with our in studio workouts at your own gym and/or a full at home workout program