Interested in a longer drive, more consistent swing, and a lower score?

Golf is a delicate game of skill and athleticism, here at PSF we are focused on improving your body for an elevated golf performance. we offer specific one and one training as well as small group training. The focus during training sessions is to assess and enhance issues in mobility, balance, and power.

Titleist Certified performance coach


Interested in longer drives,increased performance,lower score,decreased fatigue and pain.

Products and options to include , $80/hr private training or a 6 week training block with pre and post assessment for $500(includes 2 one on one sessions each week) 


Kriss S.           

         Great overall experience. Great class environment, great movements, great instructions. I was confident being under your instruction and felt confident I was being told good movements and how to preform them accurately. the sessions were organized each time. 

Kevin W.


I definitely noticed a significant increased in hitting distance with every club in my bag. Even friends I usually play with were even noticing and telling me, “ you crushed that” after most swings.  I didn’t have the best scores of my golf career, I believe once I get use to new range of each club it will help my score.


Steve A.

              Great experience, Sean has not only improved the fluidity of my swing but has completely removed all of my back pain, allowing me to stay at the range twice as long front this past.