Power Pack - Semi Private

Power Pack - Semi Private

90.00 180.00

We started using a handful of pt sessions to help our new students transition into our group sessions, over time they evolved into the 4 session "POWER PACK". We love our 1-1 time with students and love starting the prevail journey with education and friendship.

Every few months we see an opportunity to run a semi private "power pack".

This would be 3 weeks at 2x a week at 7am. 2 trainers would take 4-5 people through an easy paced educational workouts.

Some recent reviews

"I love learning the exercises before starting the group"

" It was so different than anything before"

" It really helped with my anxiety to start"

" the small group was full of some really cool people"

The condensed small group also comes with a smaller invesment. The power pack is usually $180 but this Semi private 7am session comes in at $90.

plus you are ready to start with our full group programming in April!!!

It will also include our 5 day Reset Nutrition program to really launch you into great shape for the summer We are excited to meet you March 12th!

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