Prevail small group session is something we have evolved into and feel like it is the best world between group fitness and 1-on-1 personal training. Sessions have anywhere from 6-10 people with one instructor which ables us to give each individual enough attention while still having the group atmosphere. Before we jump into a group session we like to start with the power pack.


What is the power pack? We start our group memberships with 4 one-on-one sessions to safely kickstart their group program. We schedule these to work with your schedule. In these sessions we go over an Initial assessment, measurements, warmups, how to properly press, squat, deadlift, & swing, along with goal setting & game planning.

SESSION HOURS2-4.jpg.jpg


Learning all the basics in 4 sessions so you feel more than comfortable joining our group setting.


Then what?

After Completing the 4 sessions and “graduating” from prevail power pack you can start class asap!