Danielle Gregory



When I started coming to Prevail I wasn't hugely over weight but I was EXTREMELY out of shape. Weights scared me and I had no idea what to do with them. Coming to class was a bit intimidating, as all new things can be, but Sean made me feel really comfortable. He has a way of being quiet but encouraging. His presence alone makes you want to try your hardest. Working out with him has not only changed my body in a big way, but has also given me a huge confidence boost. I would highly recommend Prevail Strength & Fitness to anyone who is willing to put in the work to get great results. 

Amanda Harris - Member since 2012 


In a 2008 "pep-talk" commercial, Peyton Manning said unless you're under the age of 23 or a professional football player you'll never have rock hard abs. Well, he never met Sean Shearon. Thanks to Sean and a solid diet, not only do I have rock hard abs but at the age of 40 I can run circles around most 20 year olds. His training is no joke and not just some typical cross fit or bootcamp class. You learn  lifts and he is meticulous about proper form to prevent injuries. The women in his class are stronger than most men today and look great. He'll transform you from a beginner to a pro ready to compete at any level. Put in the class time and the kitchen time and you're guaranteed results at any age. -Aaron Tuttle


After years of letting myself go physically (and in the kitchen) I finally had enough. I joined Prevail in 2012 and I've never been as fit or strong as I am today. The group training setting provides a sense of competition at times, but inspires class camaraderie at all times. Sean's smart, challenging strength and fitness workouts will push you beyond what you ever thought you had, and if you bring it, I guarantee results. You won't find a better program . Get off the couch and come do work with us!!!