Step 1. Start a blog Step 2. Actually write blog

This is the first of many Blog post from the brain dome of Prevails Creator and Sergeant at arms, Not only am I a member but the president too(funny rogaine reference because I have no hair). I keep reading from other professionals in the field that "every trainer needs to start a blog" blah blah blah. In most situations its the best way to build an audience to sell a product but for me i think its a great way to share bits and pieces of the things that are constantly running through my head. Some information is boring and sciency (made up word, deal with it) other things are entertaining ,humorous, and potentially life altering.

Writing however is not a strong skill of mine, and by that I mean I'm really bad at it.  One of the principles I teach is to be proud of your strengths but work and practice on your weaknesses in order to be greater as a whole. I can honestly say, I have put this off for a while because of my deficincies in composition(I failed comp 1 and comp 2 in college). In this writing adventure , Ill mirror the same Methodogoly  I take  teaching movement and nutrition ; start small, pay attention to the quality, Progress forward, stay patient but diligent.  

Every mountain climbed , race won, goal achieved, and struggle crushed starts  with a step 1. Establish your step 1 and don't let anyone or anything get in your way.

Eat Your Veggies, Lift Heavy Things, And  Drink great whiskey  -Sean Shearon

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