Even Santa wants to get in some mindful movement

The holidays can be a really tough time with exercise. Our limited time becomes full of parties and to do lists. So the gym can be put back on the list of priorities, but that doesn't mean we can't get our bodies happy with some mindful movement

I had a client ask for some "homework" as he was going to be away for about 2 weeks. This is what I sent out.  

1. use warmups but on a 20:00 clock- This is "play" pick 5 movement or isometrics and move with a flow through them with little rest time.  wall slides/hip lifts/T spine rotation/ high skips/ planks or I Y T isometrics/naked getups/downward dog/cat cow/wall squats.  trust me 20:00 of continues mindful movement will do you wonders

2. bw complex-
Rear lunge 2/2
pushups 5-10
hollow hold :10
x 10
planks with leg cross under 5/5
jumping jacks x 20
x 5

3. Crawl for time :45 on :60 off for as many rounds as you can
then as a cool down I would spend as much time in a tall kneeling position

4. Burpees!  we never do them because I think most people do them wrong but in a crunch they can do wonders.
try a 12 minute emom with 5 every minute. Please control your positions. Add time if you are fiesty

5. sand sprints ( since he'll be close to a beach) Challenge your kids to a dozen races for about 50ft.  I would suggest cheating and making them drag things as they sprint or make them run in the water as you run on the sand #chuckle

6. 60 minutes of walking- try to stay off the phone unless its for music or podcast

7. getups and/or ground to overhead movements with anything you can find---books,rucks,people,pie, rocks,logs. find the heaviest thing possible to get over your head as many times as possible.  

8. Carries- do you have anything? great carry it for distance or time and repeat. Try for 20:00,any variation will work- farmers carry, overhead carry, chest carry, shoulder carry, just have fun and play. 

 Bonus carry them up a hill 

I hope this helps and remember to always move with intention.

Sean ShearonComment