Open Studio _Open Program_Back to school

School is back session and we want to invite you to come back to the gym. 

We are in-between programs and will have an "open" week of workouts. These open weeks happen about every 6 weeks as we switch programs. We will start our 9 week Tsc prep, our StrongFam program, as well as our Muscle2 program on aug 28th.  I would like to invite you to come hangout and play with us during the next week. The class session times are 

M,T,Th,F at 545am

M,W,F,S at 9am

M,T,Th at 515/615pm and W at 530pm 

Here are the workouts for the week

Day A

A1-DBl Kb single leg deadlift 6/6

A2-seesaw press 12 alternating

x 4

B- 5 rounds 200 row/ski while partner holds dbl kb rack

C-Partner kneeling banded anti-rotation 5x:15

Day B

A- Getup by the numbers

Block 1 - 5 rounds

Prowler-Down, Crawl Back, farmer carry down

Block 2- 

Med ball slam-100,Swings -100

Day C

BB/kb/Db Complex--Deadlift,Clean,Press,Front squat,Row

Ascending climbing ladder 1,2,3, etc till 8 use 10rm weight

Day D

StrongMan- Heavy sled,Heavy Carry, SandBag Carry

Off Days Cardio- 60:00 at 65%, 85-65% 30:00


Programs starting on the 28ths

1-TSC 9 week prep

2-4 Day power building - 8 weeks

3- 3 day Strength and Fitness- 6 weeks

Interested to learn more about these programs or our open week? Email or  call/text 405-249-6195

and please come by our new location at 920 nw 150th this week and join us in a free session. Bring a friend and we recommend showing up 20:00 before schedule class time so we can chat about your history and goals. 






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