LIFT FOR LUCK 3-17-18- Community workout,Reload week and Party time

We are moving nicely through our 8 week TSC and SaS programs, this week we will take a reload or deload week. Strength and progress are rarely 100% linear and the odds of success are higher when you plan some "dips" in your programming. Lets dive into the sessions this week. 

Day A (mon/tues)

20/15/10 Swings/squats/overhead press x 3 

2h swings / any squat/any press,try to superset all 3 movements

then 4 sets of partner banded hairstyle planks

Day B (wed/thurs)

Deadlifts 5x5 at 60%- Sumo

Bench press 3x8 superset with ring row

bb curl 3x8 superset with overhead tricep extension 

med ball setup 3x8 

Facebook live at 645pm !!!

Facebook live at 645pm !!!


Day C (Friday)

clean/press/carry/rear lunge/row 6x6

clean the bell press it 6 times carry it to the side 6 rear lunges,park the bell then 6 rows -rest- repeat other arm 6 rounds 3 per side

Hollow hold for time x 2

Day D  

Free Community Workout9am March 17th.png

We will do a group warmup then 

10 rounds - Swings,pushup,prowler,getup,pullup,rollouts

10 2h swings/5-10 pushups/1 prowler/1 getup/1-5 pull-ups.5-10 rollouts

then post exercise refreshments and Irish food!

Remember all week is bring a friend week! 

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