Minimum effectice dose of ego

As I push past 36 the perspective changes.

Doing bare minimum , a phrase hated by leadership in the Marine Corps but loved by lance corporals.

Bare minimum has changed tho, It's evolved from laziness to intelligence.

What's the least amount I can do to still progress.

My training has been anchored in bare minimum for a couple years now, ever since 31. when the body starts to show it's wear and tear , you start paying attention. When responsibilities and stress really start to add the equation, you start paying attention.

With age comes wisdom or with pain comes wisdom?

Bare mininum = minimum effective dose

A Current dichotomy of " I need to move daily but need full rest days"

I had a thought last night about sleep. I know I sleep better when I have a great lifting session but I know my body really appreciates rest days.

Well Hell.....

Then another thought about switch in mindset

I use to manage calories to manage body fat but now I manage quality of food to manage inflammation

What's the bare minimum? I keep learning and adjusting my thresholds

What's the amount of sleep and quality of sleep that allows me to recover but still allows me to work on the billion things that needs to happen?

What's the amount and quality of exercise that maintains quality of movement (life) , maintains muscles but yes still tip toes over the line my competitive ego?

What's the amount and quality of food that keeps pain down, body fat down but yet still allows me to enjoy the good stuff?

What's the answer? IT DEPENDS ( every coaches favorite phrase)

My current solution

- eating the 80/20 rule

- at least 2-3 full rest days where I still move around for 10:00

- 7 hours of sleep with the occasional 8-9 on the weekend

- Strength based works of moderate intensity layered with moderate bodybuilding accessories and sprinkling of conditioning work. 3 days a week , maybe 4

Quality and Quantity

As the amount of sunsets increase I keep leaning into higher and higher quality.

Higher Quality experiences

Higher Quality relationships

Higher Quality Whiskey

Higher Quality Life

The bare minimum for life at maximum

always a gentle push forward

Quite the difference than 26 yr old Sean

What's your bare minimum?

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