Consistency 3x 52

Now , lets talk about progress.

I wrote 52x3 on the warmup. do you know what that stands for? 

3 sessions a week for 52 weeks


we have 17 sessions a week in our group  , so you need to make less than 25% of classes to create consistency. 


a couple weeks ago I asked what everyone's plan was for attendance. interestingly only a few people gave a plan. 


 Did those that didn't give their plan either not care to write on the post or did They not want to give a public commitment and then fear failure?


Would a system requiring you to sign in work better?

if you don't show then it's an extra charge? Did you know that's how Orange theory works? yeah you have to sign in and if you don't show you pay an extra $12.  The pyschology is interesting.  OTF is a huge national chain and they have learned that to get people to show that have to Incentives members with an    EXTRA  charge.  Thousands of people commit to paying monthly rates but still need more accountability. 

1. obviously you are not alone in missing sessions


2. we care more about cash than ourselves




 Is the gym (your health) a priority or covinence?

 Are there not enough times to match your schedule?

 Are there to many distractions?

 Do you fear starting? Are you Afraid to commit to yourself? 


I am not saying these things to be negative or demeaning. I truly want to know what we can (as an industry)  do to create a more inviting experience.

Or is it all in your head? Are you in ownership of yourself?


True story this week.

I missed 2 sessions I intended to do and the 3 I did were half ass. 2 sessions were decent sessions and the 3rd was literally a set of presses and a set of deadlifts. I live at the gym but I still didn't not get done what I intended to do.


Why? I was Tired, I was distracted, I was making excuses.


That meant going back this morning to get a session in. I literally just did swing and getups. the only reason I stayed on top of the presses/deadlifts/swings was because I am on plans that someone else created for me and TSC is around the corner so if I skip sessions it will show later.  


What I am saying is you are not alone, we get it. We also get the the bare minimum is showing up 3x a week. Regardless of what you get done. 


What's the bare minimum to maintain or make progress?  you know what happens when you miss a couple workouts. you wake up 3 yrs later and say " I need to get back in the gym"


final points


3x52 as a bare minimum, make it happen no matter what.  Doesn't have to be killer workouts or to be down at 100%.   


Every time you have a doubt , execute. 


make a plan and do everything possible to execute


when it goes array, adjust and execute


you are capable





Bar ruck is saturday!  sign up is open till Friday at 5pm


21 day summer to prevail program starts may 6th!  let's get to work and get those muscles popping!




Bar Ruck is Saturday!!! who's coming?!



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