Discipline is Bullshit

The fallacies of discipline

An assumption that being a marine by default mean’s I am self disciplined. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Oh and organized? Psssh

The Marines taught discipline but it was motivated by fear and pride. Remove that structure and you remove fear and pride ( more on pride later) 

One of the reasons I joined was because I knew that without structure I would fail. I do not have it in me to be disciplined or self motivated. How do I know? Because when I did get out and try college I failed.  

I didn’t have to discipline to finish the work

I have always had the ability to say no or remove myself from decisions that I knew wouldn’t progress myself but saying no is easier than saying yes and actually doing the thing you said yes to

Often in the industry we here “ I can’t “ “ I don’t have that control” “how do you find motivation?”

Really what’s happening is we aren’t in fear or have a plan to create self pride.  

Everyday I have to tell myself “ get shit done” 
All the stuff that comes with running a business, I’m horrible at it. It’s not fun , it’s not easy , I don’t want to do it. 

The only reason I finish half of what I set to do is because of fear and pride

I fear failing and my pride won’t let me imagine failing

You know what else is a huge contribution? 

A support system- without Danielle , coaches, and fellow business owners I would be failing. 

You don’t need motivation, you may need focused discipline with a community of support that are in line with realistic goals. 

Oh and I’ve been meaning to make this post for about 5 days, can we say procrastination? I kept double guessing and worrying about it not being good enough. Then finally “ shut the fuck up sean and write”

What’s your weakness in discipline?
What do you fear?