10 Daily steps to prevail and crush everything

  1. Be kind and Rewind

Rewind…..Thats blockbuster reference for you youngins. Just be a kind and humble human. Being kind is a oxymoron for someone who spent 5 years in the Marines but Theres a famous quote from General Mattis “ Be kind to everyone you meet but have a plan to kill them”. That’s an exaggeratoin but you get the point. We believe you attract the energy you put out.

2. Eat you damn Veggies

Stop! I know what your thinking “ugh I hate veggies, I just can’t”. You sound like a 4yr old. Be an adult and eat some veggies. I am not saying eat boiled spinach, but eat some leafy greens and put what ever you want on them. Eat some multi colored anything, cook them in some butter and enjoy.

3. Move daily

“Motion is Lotion” This is a game changer for how we feel. The biggest take away is moving daily isn’t about intensity. when it comes to aches, pains,anxiety,mobility, general awesomeness, playing around with movement is key. Walking, Rolling, Play, Stretching, Rocking, Rotating, Breathing, Hanging, Find end range motion are all easy daily drills. pick a handful of the above , move for 10 minutes and then get back to your day.

4 Protein Bro

Your muscles are crazy important. They are also the easiest thing to lose as we age. Protein builds muscles. Protein is also great for keeping us full. Don’t really care where it comes from unless it makes you feel horrible . Aim for 3/4 bodyweight in grams or 4-5 handfuls a day.

5. No one likes a negative Nancy

Negative energy atttacts negative energy. complaining wires our brain to depression. It’s hard to be crushing it when you can’t stop bitching. I know life Isn’t always unicorns and rainbows but we do have the control of how often we express that negativity to others. what did Thumper say in to Bambi?

If you don’t have anything nice to say ,don’t say anything at all

6. Lift something kinda heavy, often.

Strength training makes us durable, strong, sexy, young, resilient, happier, and more bad ass. Hinge/squat/press/pull/carry/getup a few times a week and make it feel heavy….for you. You don’t have to lift 500lbs or do bicep curls until your arms fall off, just pick up something kinda heavy and own it

7. Drink more water than you think you need to

So simple but not so easy. I struggle with this all the time. I’ll finish a day and think “did I drink anything other than coffee today?”. we are mostly water, our body uses water to filter , Our tissue is pliable because of water. Want your skin to look better? Drink more water. Want to detox? drink more water. Want to not die? Drink more water. you get the point. start with 1/2 bodyweight in ounces.

8. Get uncomfortable 1x a week

This is 2 parts: 1. do something that makes you uncomfortable with fear. Personal growth happens after fear. Don’t live life with regret of not taking action. 2. Get uncomfortable with your heart rate, sweat some. let your ticker know that it works. That beating thing in your chest will appreciate the work. It will add years to your life and you wont feel like you’re dying every time you climb 2 flights of stairs

9. Sleep like a baby

Your body recovers from all the daily nonsense when you sleep. we all know what its like to be tired from lack of sleep. Shut down the electronics, make the room cold, make the room dark, find a mattress/pillow that work will with your body. I don’t think a certain amount of hours are as important as the quality. if your brain cant shut down before bed try meditation, journaling,cannabis, or supplements like melatonin or magnezium. I also heard that sex helps quite a bit.

10. Go Adventure

Get outside!!! Go travel, Go explore, Just go. We are designed to adventure. Start small and go walk around a park. Then go find a park with mountains or go stand in an ocean. Adventuring re wires and invigorates our brains and our spirit. life is about making stories and you don’t make stories sitting on your ass

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