Providing the results you have been missing in an amazing and inviting small group setting

Amber S.   

"One of the best attributes to having Sean as a personal trainer, is how far I have advanced in my mindset and self awareness. I no longer care about the number on the scale, because there are so many other numbers that are more important. I no longer care about achieving society's  "perfect body" I am truly happy with the best version of me and I know I am healthy, and that is what is important. Also being more self aware of my movements in the gym has taught me a lot. It is really an amazing thing to be more self aware. Sean's training skills go so much further than the gym and getting stronger/losing weight/more endurance (whatever your goals are).  I am definitely the strongest I have ever been"


Here at Prevail we offer a broad range of services but specialize in group training and Goal specific personal training. We believe that education and mindset growth are more important than how "hard" a workout is because "forever not faster" is the goal.


Our group training offers a safe, progressive but challenging fitness system that creates strong, healthy, motivated individuals while producing a positive community environment.  The youngest and oldest members of the program vary from 21 to 65, with a 60/40 female/male ratio, as well as beginner to advanced athletes. The class system is based off of Strength and Fitness  methodolgies borrowed from Bodybuilding, Military, Sports, Power lifting, Endurance Training, and personal training. 


The class we teach is small group personal training. We take the time to get to know all  clients and learn their strengths and weakness, their individual goals, lifestyles, and personality.  All this allows us to help create the best version of you.

You are more than welcome to come in to the gym and try a free week for free at anytime!