What are all those Acronyms?

It is pretty normal in the strength and fitness world to see acronyms, shortened words and nicknames for exercises. We write warmups,workouts and programs daily and most things are repeated.  It just makes sense to condense things.  While i was in the Marine Corps almost everything had acronyms it just made things easier.  I have made a list of common and not common acronyms and maybe some I made up.


























































Do you know any more that should make the list?  Let us know, We would love to add them 


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TSC thoughts,The next off week of workouts and the new programs

What a great turnout and what awesome students. I am proud of each of you for showing up to all the training sessions and committing to TSC on Saturday. Showing up shows more character than getting on the podium.  Pics and Videos to come soon!

This weeks fun fitness 

Day A

Tgu- 6x 1/1 Build up weight

:30/:30 work/rest 



Day B

A1-zercher squat 6x6

A2- 1arm standing banded row 4x12

B1- kb banded deadlift 6x6

B2- waiters press 4x12 (8-15)


Day C

Find 10rm 1h swing

find 15rm 1h swing

Block A

Row 250m partner rack hold x 3 ....for time

Block B

Air bike Cal/hanging leg raise ladder





Day D

Goblet/ pushup ladder down 


swing/ pullup ladder up


Carry crawl medly

round 1 left carry forward crawl

round 2 right carry backward crawl

round 3 farmer carry side crawl

round 4 heavier farmer other side crawl

Day E if needed



Next programs are in the works

5rm kettlebell press

core/back fitness program

arm and shoulder program

sinister prep

Nov 6th starts the new wave of programs!!!


5 weeks to a new 5rm article with over 130 shares!

I recently wrote an article for www.strongfirst.com about a simple program to getting stronger. 

you can check it out here--------> http://www.strongfirst.com/build-base-strength-5rm-kettlebell-front-squat-program/



We are finishing up our 2nd round of the Cycle as we speak and the Personal Records are flying in . quite literally everyone is getting stronger  check out instargram or Facebook #5weekstoanew5rm


Open Studio _Open Program_Back to school

School is back session and we want to invite you to come back to the gym. 

We are in-between programs and will have an "open" week of workouts. These open weeks happen about every 6 weeks as we switch programs. We will start our 9 week Tsc prep, our StrongFam program, as well as our Muscle2 program on aug 28th.  I would like to invite you to come hangout and play with us during the next week. The class session times are 

M,T,Th,F at 545am

M,W,F,S at 9am

M,T,Th at 515/615pm and W at 530pm 

Here are the workouts for the week

Day A

A1-DBl Kb single leg deadlift 6/6

A2-seesaw press 12 alternating

x 4

B- 5 rounds 200 row/ski while partner holds dbl kb rack

C-Partner kneeling banded anti-rotation 5x:15

Day B

A- Getup by the numbers

Block 1 - 5 rounds

Prowler-Down, Crawl Back, farmer carry down

Block 2- 

Med ball slam-100,Swings -100

Day C

BB/kb/Db Complex--Deadlift,Clean,Press,Front squat,Row

Ascending climbing ladder 1,2,3, etc till 8 use 10rm weight

Day D

StrongMan- Heavy sled,Heavy Carry, SandBag Carry

Off Days Cardio- 60:00 at 65%, 85-65% 30:00


Programs starting on the 28ths

1-TSC 9 week prep

2-4 Day power building - 8 weeks

3- 3 day Strength and Fitness- 6 weeks

Interested to learn more about these programs or our open week? Email sean@prevailstrengthandfitness.com or  call/text 405-249-6195

and please come by our new location at 920 nw 150th this week and join us in a free session. Bring a friend and we recommend showing up 20:00 before schedule class time so we can chat about your history and goals. 






Even Santa wants to get in some mindful movement

The holidays can be a really tough time with exercise. Our limited time becomes full of parties and to do lists. So the gym can be put back on the list of priorities, but that doesn't mean we can't get our bodies happy with some mindful movement

I had a client ask for some "homework" as he was going to be away for about 2 weeks. This is what I sent out.  

1. use warmups but on a 20:00 clock- This is "play" pick 5 movement or isometrics and move with a flow through them with little rest time.  wall slides/hip lifts/T spine rotation/ high skips/ planks or I Y T isometrics/naked getups/downward dog/cat cow/wall squats.  trust me 20:00 of continues mindful movement will do you wonders

2. bw complex-
Rear lunge 2/2
pushups 5-10
hollow hold :10
x 10
planks with leg cross under 5/5
jumping jacks x 20
x 5

3. Crawl for time :45 on :60 off for as many rounds as you can
then as a cool down I would spend as much time in a tall kneeling position

4. Burpees!  we never do them because I think most people do them wrong but in a crunch they can do wonders.
try a 12 minute emom with 5 every minute. Please control your positions. Add time if you are fiesty

5. sand sprints ( since he'll be close to a beach) Challenge your kids to a dozen races for about 50ft.  I would suggest cheating and making them drag things as they sprint or make them run in the water as you run on the sand #chuckle

6. 60 minutes of walking- try to stay off the phone unless its for music or podcast

7. getups and/or ground to overhead movements with anything you can find---books,rucks,people,pie, rocks,logs. find the heaviest thing possible to get over your head as many times as possible.  

8. Carries- do you have anything? great carry it for distance or time and repeat. Try for 20:00,any variation will work- farmers carry, overhead carry, chest carry, shoulder carry, just have fun and play. 

 Bonus carry them up a hill 

I hope this helps and remember to always move with intention.

Sweating for the Wedding? Be Prepared with a Bridal Fitness Timeline.

It’s 6 weeks out from your first wedding fitting, or a month away from your special day and you are freaking out. 

Brides!  Please stop the crazy rush to fit into your dress.

I’ve had clients pop up 6 weeks out from their wedding day wanting to lose 10 pounds of arm fat, but this is nearly impossible in such short amount of time. You wouldn’t want your seamstress or photographer to rush through your dress or proofs. You deserve to give yourself the same amount of time to get things right.


 It’s not uncommon for a bride to start planning her wedding 5 seconds after she says yes:  “Where should we get married?  When?”  That’s exactly the moment you should be thinking about how you want to look on the big day. The venue you love is likely booked a couple of seasons in advance, which leaves between 6 to 18 months of planning. Coincidentally, that’s the same timeline I suggest for successful training in improved body composition.


What’s the next biggest item on your checklist? The dress. After all, it is the centerpiece of the wedding, the metaphorical sun of the bridal universe. What kind of style are you working towards? Sleeveless, form fitting, A-line, backless, long, short? The style of dress will dictate the focus of your training. For instance, do you need to drop sizes or sculpt muscle? These are the details your trainer will need to know for optimal results.  No matter what, you need a minimum 6-month training plan prior to your final fitting.


Let’s set up a potential timeline.


 I made a quick call to a local shop (Meg Guess Couture bridal www.megguess.com), and they suggested 1 full year for your dress preparations.  


18 months:

Dec. 2015 –Proposal

March 2016- Find your dress

May 2016- First Fitting

June 2016 through April 2017 have fittings every 6-8 weeks

May 2017- Perfect wedding dress and perfect fit

June 2017 – Crush an awesome wedding and have people constantly compliment you and your dress as your photographer (www.danigphotography.net) takes stunning pictures.


This may not be the most realistic timeline, but there are a few things we can learn from it:


1.     Give yourself a year from the day you start looking for a dress to your wedding date

2.     You should allow 6-8 weeks prior to wedding day for final fitting.

3.     The more time you have from engagement to final fitting will give you the best results in the gym

4.     Your seamstress will want a minimum 3 months and average dress order will be 16-20 weeks from initial purchase

5.     March 2016 through April 2017- Listen to my trainer, trust him/her, work diligently, crush all of my goals, invite trainer to my wedding because he loves to see my face every time someone compliments me, oh and he might like to eat cake and dance



A helpful tool would be for a bride to write out her dress timeline and step back to look at the big picture. Knowing where all the pieces fall into place will decrease the amount of stress tenfold. It will also guide her to pick a date that will allow for the best fitness outcome. For instance, a bride that needs to make a dramatic physical change may need to push the date back. On the flip side, if the date is absolutely concrete, a dress timeline will allow the bride to visualize a more realistic expectation of the changes she can make before then. Per my recommendation, the shortest amount of time for a safe and effective physical transformation should be 6 months. Now this would still be an aggressive goal, but it is possible. I could potentially make a big transformation with a client in that window, but it would be a pretty intense timeline, especially alongside last minute wedding preparations. Take the time to think about all the pieces and use the knowledge of each resource


Flowers, cake, catering, centerpieces, the dress, the photographer, the DJ and the list goes on and on.  The term “Bridezilla” has its merit, because you girls have a ton of stress for months on end. Exercise allows for stress reduction. Speaking of stress, is 6 weeks out the time to be stressing about your appearance? I have planned several events ranging from 50 to 500 people. As the time gets closer, the stress levels are through the roof as these carefully planned pieces come together.  My suggestion? Knock out your biggest pieces first and as your timeline moves forward, then move onto smaller and smaller things. How you feel needs to be a priority. The best weddings I have been to are the weddings where the bride is completely worry-free and truly enjoying every moment. Confidence in your plan and confidence in yourself will show in your video/pictures.


Just as you search for the perfect photographer, catering company or venue you should also seek out an ideal trainer or program. Ask which is best for you: do they have the same vision as you?  Do you understand their value and do they understand your value to them? Does your timeline fit with their program? Shop around and interview several qualified trainers before you make a commitment. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions of simple things you can do to help with fat loss:

1.     Walk more - try for 10,000 steps a day

2.     Eat several servings of vegetables (seems obvious but this is huge)

3.     Cardio is not the solution; strength training is superior

4.     Cutting your calories only works if you rate a cut from maintenance/surplus

5.     Have a plan for the week - this is the best way to avoid binges and excuses


Final thoughts: love your body and be appreciative of the good things. Be patient and positive with your planning, enjoy the process, take a deep breath and be present. Your wedding day will be an amazing day of friends, family and celebration.


Smile, Dance, Laugh, and Kiss. Set the standard for the next stage of life.


Sincerely, Sean Shearon www.prevailstrengthandfitness.com



Intention, Great Aunt Myrtle's Cake and Bob's Biceps

Intention is the most undervalued piece in the progress puzzle. As we grow and learn the process of progression, there are steps, rules and guidelines that help us lay out our plan. We can implement action to move us in the proper direction. Sometimes these systems are bare bones in their simplicity or can be extremely complex, cyclical programs, which will vary from goal to goal and client to client.


Now, I am coming from a Fitness and Nutrition bias, but this psychology can be applied to anything from building a doghouse, to getting out of debt or even to repairing a damaged relationship (with someone else or yourself). You’re probably thinking, “Oh goodness, Sean is going deep with this one!” and my response to that is, “That’s what she said.” Haha, no but seriously the topic of intention is rarely talked about, but it is a critical element to success.  


Let’s kick off with a cliché writing moment wherein I define intention: 


1. a determination to act in a certain way

2. a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge

(via Webster’s)


Why don’t we take a moment to dissect these definitions and explain how they apply to movement. 


“A determination to act in a certain way.”


What I generally see in most people is “to act in a way.” Great! So, you’ve made the decision to [insert goal here]. Congrats, that’s awesome, you are further along than most people. (However, I know this audience is likely already in the small % of people who actually take action, give yourself a high five, either in a mirror or just high five your other hand, it doesn’t matter to me.) Back to “to act in a way.” So, now what? You go to the gym and you’ve told yourself, “I’m going to eat better.” Fantastic, you are acting in some sort of way but that’s only halfway there. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll see progress but it’s unlikely that you will reach or exceed your goal. So, where does the last 10% come from? How do you go beyond expectations and crush barriers of growth?


Let’s now refer to the 2nd part of the definition:


“A concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge.”


We need to treat intention as a concept, a method and a priority. If intention is the product of attention directed then we sure as hell better give attention to our direction. We have to know our direction and not become lazy or misguided with that specific attention. For example, baking a cake. There’s directions we can half-ass, there’s ingredients that may or may not matter. Then cook it at an unknown temperature and sloppily cover it with icing. TA DA! You have a super shitty cake but, damn it, you have a cake. I hope I don’t have to explain this metaphor but I myself like really good cake, like the stuff your great aunt Myrtle makes (you know that aunt you rarely talk to unless you’re complimenting her cake while most likely stuffing your face with said cake). You better believe that aunt gives great attention to the directions (even if they are her own that she won’t share with you).


So, the first step toward implementing intention is to exercise great care and enthusiasm in the attention to detail. Attention to detail was almost literally hammered into my brain dome during my 5 years in the blessed Marine Corps. And let me tell you, those guys know a few things about executing missions, so they might just be on to something. (It’s not like they are the world’s best fighting force or anything.)


Where were we? Oh yeah, “determination to act in a certain way.” How do we add determination and certainty back into the equation? I’m going to use exercise and more specifically movement as an example. If we have a movement like a get-up, deadlift or even something as simple as a bicep curl, you can understand the objective of the exercise: stand up with the bell, pick the bar off the ground, or curl the weight. When we add intention to the mix, you will be able to lift considerable more weight giving you better results. However, you can lift considerable less weight but with even greater result (dependent on goal).


Stay with me. A bicep curl is by far the most commonly abused exercise in the gym. We know the goal of the bicep curl is to take two levers (upper arm and lower arm) and hinge them at an axis (elbow) until the two arms are in line with each other (180*). We flex (concentric) the bicep in order to make this action happen. This is the simplest explanation for the bicep curl. Let’s look at a couple of different curls with varying intentions.


Version 1. Bob (or Sue) takes a random weight at an unknown rep/set scheme and flings his hands through the air and by some sort of magic the bicep curl happens. The dumbbell has no distinct flight and the rest of the body moves uncontrollably as if in some sort of strange drug-like euphoria during an earthquake. That’s an example of 0 intention, just action. (Let’s face it, the real dumbbell here, is Bob.) 


Version 2. Bob now has an appropriate weight and has been guided by a professional as to how to properly perform a bicep curl. (Sue is not around because she hurt her elbow and is now on the elliptical creeping on Instagram.) But, since Bob can’t stop staring at Sue on the elliptical, he has no focus or intensity in his action; he now has half-ass intention.


Version 3. This is it! This is the good stuff, this is where magic happens, this is when progress begins, AND this is also when the real work starts. Bob has been scolded by his trainer to pay attention and grow the balls to flirt with Sue post-workout. Bob also has been instructed to move with intention and concentrate on every possible aspect of the exercise. Bob applies all of his intensity to every rep at 100%. His breathing is on point, he’s thinking of nothing but crushing the dumbbell and dreaming of his future awesome arms. This is REAL intention. Bob now has confidence and gets Sue’s number after teaching her the same lesson in intention.  


Life is full of opportunities to implement intention. Wake up in the morning with the intention of making people smile; now take action with direction and attention to the concept of bringing joy. Go for a walk with the intention of relaxation; walk with no worries and easy breathing while clearing your mind. Go to the gym without the chore of movement, or lax vision of just getting through the workout. Pick up the damn bar with intention, swing the bell with intention and even cool down with intention.


Take a moment and think about the three different versions of Bob’s actions. Which Bob (or Sue) are you?


Grinding the edges off , getting too pretty too soft, pillows need to be soft, life needs edges. Edges are dangerous, rounded corners are for fast cars. Be on the cutting edge keep the soft curves for beautiful women.  Be crisp and clean, dirty and daring. Eggs are fluffy, intent is sharp. Whiskey is rough love is tough and life is chaos.  


This is something I have talked about for quite a while and one of the most popular questions I get asked “Sean, what do you think about crossfit?” . The only other popular question is “How do I get a six pack”  which 95% people never want to hear that answer …” A ton of work in the gym and twice as much work in the kitchen”. Let me get back on track to the topic on hand, Crossfit.  Before I get into that product specifically I’m going to dive into the intention of the  person’s motivation for asking such a question and then the  fitness industry as a whole as well as the influence of my fitness background.


The fitness industry is full of very specific divisions and modalities that are very proud of their product. Unfortunately That “pride” has filtered down into the masses. Why don’t people ask me about powerlifting,gymnastics,zumba,or bodybuilding? Occasionally I’ll get asked about yoga but its rare. Most people are looking for validation to fuel their uneducated belief on a system they know nothing about. Could be for a numerous reasons, maybe they are scared or intimidated to try it themselves so instead of being inferior they hide behind ignorance (Thats more than likely the cause for most hate)  or secondly they want me to validate their opinion because that’s the popular opinion. People love to take sides and jump on bandwagons, and I usually enjoy proving people wrong regardless of their position. Thats what education is for right?   Let’s move on


The first thing I ask people is what they think it is “oh you know sean that stuff on tv” which is like comparing the NFL to a pick up game of football behind the highschool. Secondly, why aren’t you asking the same question of other fitness programs…….what do I hear in response? “Cricket Cricket Tumbleweed Tumbleweed” (ok ok you don’t hear tumbleweeds but you get what I’m saying). So I’ll move on to breaking Crossfit Down so they can understand what they don’t know. I have been in more crossfit gyms than most crossfitters, and I have done this intentionally so I could get a better grasp of it, I’ve signed up for a full month of classes so I would really understand.  Crossfit has a hard time breaking down what they are because its so varied which is one if its most advertised proponents “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity”. Outside of that it’s really impossible to anticipate what you’ll see in a daily workout.  Anything from Powerlifts, sprinting, Olympic lifts, bodyweight calisthenics, kettlebells, running,rowing etc etc


So What do I think about Crossfit? Lots of things. First thing –I've been “crossfitting” since 2002 when I joined the U.S Marines Corps. We picked up things randomly all the time and ran odd distances stopping to do an unknown amount of things. Soon After boot camp I started training for Aircraft Fire and Rescue again very untraditional training ,drag this, pull that, sprint, climb , pick up this person, and many other things that are imaginable unless you have been there yourself. So the idea of crossfitting has been around for a long time. Body building has been using supersets and giants sets of opposite movements for decades. A few years ago I trained a few friends and myself for a tough mudder, 10+miles of varying terrain and 30+ obstacles. I developed running interval workouts with body weight/powerlifting exercises to prep for the course, sounds like Crossfit doesn't it?


However I'm going to highlight something about crossfit that definitely makes it unique to itself, TIME AND INTENSITY. This is something that you will more than likely see in any crossfit gym. of course in all things there are no absolutes but this is pretty much a guarantee. At some point the workout will involve something for time or reps, so the focus is to finish as fast as possible or with as many reps as possible. This is definitely unique to crossfit, yes other sport have things for time,distance,or reps but thats in a competition setting. The next thing you will see unique to crossfit is olympic weightlifting, unless you are an athlete training for a specific sport or a weightlifter this more than likely the only exposure to this style. the last major component in most crossfit gyms is the variety or randomness. The idea here is that you are constantly challenged in different modalities so that you (your body) is always trying to adapt. The last crossfit method that is often seen in crossfit is kipping, a method of creating an effiecency in bodywieght movements adopted from gymnatstics. Im not going to get into the myths,science,risk,reward about any of those concepts, that is an entirely different blog.


Now i'm not trying to bring down crossfit or convince you its the worst thing ever or that you will break an arm and other negative nancy thoughts. I'm just highlighting what makes crossfit crossfit, Im sure most crossfitters would agree with me. I could pick any fitness routine and find the negatives, zumba/yoga/hip dance  have no real resistance training, powerlifting has no endurance training and can create really bad habits, running is dangerous because it has the most related injuries blah blah blah. you know what works best? What's the safest and most effective ?


Personal training, even then I have seen some really really bad personal trainers, I mean really bad. So maybe if you find a highly motivated, experienced, and educated trainer that at the same time responds well to your personality. then you can have the best results for your goals.


lets get back to the main topic and what do i think about crossfit? Here are some things that I love about crossfit(or any group exercise) Family,community,and sense of belonging I've seen this most of my life in team sports and then without a doubt the most impact for family has been my time in the Corps. Rarely ever was it  about you , I had the great opportunity to be a firefighter and a marine at the same time. Having people to encourage you , make you accountable, and most importantly give a ton of shit can really change your life. Creating brothers and sisters in a time of war is something you will never forget. obviously Group fitness is a far cry from that environment but the concept still applies. You learn to work with people you don't know ,  you suffer together , you laugh together , your bitch and cry together and you celebrate together. This is what crossfit has done an outstanding job of , they create communities or “cults” as some may label them. The community aspect is fantastic for consistency and accountability.  The next great thing crossfit has done is bring the barbell and kb into mainstream use, getting a very large demographic of people into training gear that before was too intimidating.


“OK great sean but should I Crossfit?” This is where I really want hammer in my main point. The thing YOU should choose is the thing you have the most fun doing while adhering and staying consistent . The thing YOU should do needs to match YOUR goals and at your comfortable risk vs reward level. I teach a program that's based off of years of different experiences and education. I think everything has its place and love teaching groups. I really think group training is the best way for people to stay motivated.  I have evolved my group training over the years into what it is now, daily workouts based off a system of strength and fitness methodologies borrowed from bodybuilding,military,sports,powerlifting,endurance training and personal training. From the outside looking in it sounds like crossfit but if a crossfitter came into my gym they would not call it crossfit nor I have ever claimed that title. The thing that separates me from crossfit is that our workouts are never for time or reps,there is minimal amount of olympic weightlifting,no kipping, and quality is always paramount to quantity.  I think I have created one of the best risk vs reward group training programs.  Please don’t assume Crossfit can't be those things as well or that what I do is better. I have been in local crossfits with great programming and even better coaching as I have experienced the complete opposite(The same can be said about personal training,bootcamps etc). I'm just explaining how I do things.  Do I think my process is the best option? absolutely not. I have turned people away because I know It’s not their best option. The best system is the one best suited for your needs,YOUR NEEDS. What do I think about crossfit? The same thing I think about any training. Does it match your goals? Do you love it? Is it safe? Will you stay consistent? Does it match your lifestyle? Are you making progress? Are you having fun?

You the consumer are responsible for the decisions you make. I want you to experience different facilities and training regiments, educate yourself. This is your body, I believe everyone needs some sort of physical training. We are meant to move and we can do amazing things. What I don't want you to do is to sit around your entire life , never embracing what you are capable of. Get outside your comfort zone, live, breathe, run, crawl, sprint, climb, lift, swing, push, pull, press, squat, hinge, throw, wrestle, walk, laugh, struggle, grow, cry, and celebrate. The human body is an amazing thing, One of the coolest machines ever created, turn it on and be blown away with what it can do for you.



Step 1. Start a blog Step 2. Actually write blog

This is the first of many Blog post from the brain dome of Prevails Creator and Sergeant at arms, Not only am I a member but the president too(funny rogaine reference because I have no hair). I keep reading from other professionals in the field that "every trainer needs to start a blog" blah blah blah. In most situations its the best way to build an audience to sell a product but for me i think its a great way to share bits and pieces of the things that are constantly running through my head. Some information is boring and sciency (made up word, deal with it) other things are entertaining ,humorous, and potentially life altering.

Writing however is not a strong skill of mine, and by that I mean I'm really bad at it.  One of the principles I teach is to be proud of your strengths but work and practice on your weaknesses in order to be greater as a whole. I can honestly say, I have put this off for a while because of my deficincies in composition(I failed comp 1 and comp 2 in college). In this writing adventure , Ill mirror the same Methodogoly  I take  teaching movement and nutrition ; start small, pay attention to the quality, Progress forward, stay patient but diligent.  

Every mountain climbed , race won, goal achieved, and struggle crushed starts  with a step 1. Establish your step 1 and don't let anyone or anything get in your way.

Eat Your Veggies, Lift Heavy Things, And  Drink great whiskey  -Sean Shearon