Won't you be my valentine

We are on our "off" week!  Good job with the 5 week program and cant wait to see our pushup progress.  This week will be a bring a friend week as well as our fun valentines day partner workout.  

Day  A

1A- Suitcase deadlifts- 4-6 reps per hand

1B-Med Ball slam- 5

x 4-6 rounds

2A- See saw Zots press- 20

2B-See saw kb Bent over row-20

x 3-5 rounds

Finisher- :30/:30 row/plank/ski/hollow/bike/rack hold x 3

Day B

1- retest Pushup/One Arm Pushup

2. Partener Pairs

Standing anti rotation Band Row 10/10

Rear lunge to med ball throw- 5/5

Alternating plank high fives-10

skull crusher pass with hollow hold- 20 total

partner leg throws-10

Partner prowler x 1 way

x 5 rounds

Sweating with your sweetie.jpg

Day C

A-  zercher squat- find 4rm in 6 sets

B- Carries and crawls - overheard carry x 3 rounds with 1 forward crawl and 1 per side crawl then 4 rounds building up to heavy as possible farmer carries with 1 forward 1 per side crawl and 1 reverse 

C - 1/2 kneeling banded shoulder dislocates x 4 x 10


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